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Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Financial support for this project was provided through the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (PA DCNR). The PA DCNR is charged with maintaining and preserving the 116 state parks; managing the 2.1 million acres of state forest land; providing information on the state's ecological and geologic resources; and establishing community conservation partnerships with grants and technical assistance to benefit rivers, trails, greenways, local parks and recreation, regional heritage parks, open space and natural areas.  Air pollution impacts the recreational enjoyment, the ecology and welfare of these public lands.


The County of Berks
The County of Berks, the Berks County Environmental Advisory Council (BCEAC) and with various departments within the County, created and maintains the Berks County Hazecam.  In 2004 the county created the BCEAC with the charge to create programs to address environmental issues and to provide solutions to assist the county in addressing these problems.  The installation of the hazecam was supported by the county as a tool to educate the public about Berks County’s air quality, the county’s designation by the US EPA as a non-attainment county (meaning our air quality is considered unhealthy during certain times of the year) and the impact this has on our citizens. 



Berks County Environmental Advisory Council

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