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Where Does This Data Come From?

The County of Berks and Berks County Environmental Advisory Council located in southeastern Pennsylvania, operates the Berks County Haze Cam. The images are taken from the top of the Berks County Services Center in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania. Hourly meteorological data are measured by the National Weather Service at the Reading Regional Airport, located approximately 2 miles north of the camera site. Hourly PM2.5 and ozone data are measured by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection at their Reading site, located on Route 10 in Reading.

Camera images are automatically sent via FTP from the Reading site. Hourly ozone, PM2.5, and meteorological data are polled by the Berks County computer system and then sent via FTP to Berks County Haze Cam. A script file decodes the hourly data, calculates the appropriate averaging intervals and air quality indices, and posts the resulting information next to the latest camera images.

Always check the "Data Last Updated" marker to insure the timeliness of displayed information. Technical problems at the monitoring sites, camera system, along the internet, or at the server (or all of the above) can affect update frequency. The Berks County Haze Cam's status is checked frequently but not continuously during the work week. There is no weekend or holiday coverage.

Fine Particulate:
PM2.5: Suspended particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less and is measured in micrograms per cubic meter. The PM2.5 value shown is an hourly average. There is no hourly ambient air standard. The 24-hour standard is 65 micrograms per cubic meter.

A reactive chemical compound of 3 oxygen atoms found at all levels of the atmosphere. Ozone is measured in parts per million. The ozone value shown is an hourly average. The hourly ambient air standard is 0.125 parts per million and the 8-hour average ambient air standard is 0.08 parts per million.

The ambient air temperature measured in degrees Celsius.

Barometric pressure in millimeters of Mercury. Taken at the Reading Regional Airport.

Dew Point:
The temperature to which an air parcel must be cooled to achieve saturation, measured in degrees Celsius.

Wind Speed:
Wind velocity measured in miles per hour.

Wind Direction:
Wind direction is the direction from which the wind is blowing. It is measured using a compass scale of 0 to 360 degrees. North is 0 or 360 degrees, East is 90 degrees, South is 180 degrees and West is 270 degrees.

Real-Time Data Disclaimer:
All data posted on the Real-Time Image web page are raw values that are automatically collected and transferred to the Berks County Haze Cam. They have not been validated by human review and may contain errors. Real-time data must be interpreted with caution and are provided for public awareness only. They should not be used in any medical or scientific study. Contact Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, or the National Weather Service to obtain quality-assured data summaries or access to fully-validated raw data.


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