Virginville Fire Company: Two Rear End Collisions...STAY ALERT WHEN DRIVING!!!
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Two Rear End Collisions...STAY ALERT WHEN DRIVING!!!

Author: Chris Skipper
Date: 9/23/11
Due to two recent calls, the firefighters of Company 33 would like to remind everyone to stay alert when driving to avoid accidents. Two recent calls were the result of a failures to stay alart and to maintain a safe following distance while operating their vehicles.
Did you know that a car travelling 30 MPH on a dry level concrete road will take 144 feet to stop once a hazard is recognized? This includes the reaction time, and breaking distance. A larger vehicle travelling at faster speeds will take longer. Add rain, snow, or ice to the equation, and the distance grows even more.
It is recommended that drivers of cars operating at speeds up to 40 MPH maintain at least a three second space cushion between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. Drivers of pick ups, busses, and vans operating at up to 40 MPH should maintain at least a four second space cushion and drivers of tractor trailers operating up to 40 MPH should stay at least five seconds behind them and the vehicle ahead! An additional second should be added when travelling in excess of 40 MPH and another second should be added for adverse weather conditions such as darkness, rain, wet leaves, ice, fog, or snow.
Officer Ulshafer reminds you to Stay Alert and Stay Alive!!!
Company 33 recently Responded to two rear end motor vehicle accidents. On Sunday September 18 company 33 was dispatched to Interstate 78 for a multi tractor trailer crash. Upon response, companies 44 (Kempton) and 46 (Kutztown) were added to the assignment due to the number of vehicles involved. Company 33 arrived on the scene and found four tractor trailers involved, with only minor injuries. Crews cleared the scene within two hours.
Two days later, Companies 33 and 45 (Fleetwood) were sent to assist Company 32 (Walnuttown) with a vehicle accident with injuries and entrapment. Deputy 33 arrived to find a rear end collision involving a car and tractor trailer with minor entrapment. The patient was disentangled and extricated by the crews on scene. Crews cleared the scene within an hour.

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