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 1-28-2007 Working Fire in The Village
 1-29-07-Icy Roads Cause Accident on the Interstate
 2-7-07 Two Call Night for Station 33
 2-19-07 Perry Township Shop Fire
 3-7-07 Station 33 Responds to Multi Alarm Fire in Hamburg Boro.
 3-20-07 Station 33 Responds to Working Fire in Byrne Village
 4-5-07- Ladder 33 and Tanker 33 assist at Salon Fire
 Working Barn in Maxatawny Twp.
 5-6-07- Simultaneous Calls in the Township
 5-18-07- Mountain Rescue
 5-20-07- Accident on the Interstate
 5-21-07 Multiple Injury Accident on Forge Hill Road
 6-11-07- Electrical Fire with Burn
 6-13-07-Two for One Special on the Interstate
 6-18-07- 2 Vehicle Crash on 143
 7-5-07- Working Barn with Exposures in Windsor Twp.
 7-21-07- Crash with Injuries on 222
 8-28-07-Tractor Trailer Over Enbankment on the Interstate
 9-9-07-Busy Sunday Afternoon for Station 33
 10-20-07-Vehicle fire on Old 22
 12/9/07-Early Morning Car Fire
 12/29/07- December Like Weather Breeds Crashes
 12/29/07- Saucony Creek Crash with Entrapment
 1/16/08-Early Morning Interstate Wreck
 1/30/08-Heavy Entrapment on Saucony Rd.
 3-18-08-Accident on 222
 3-18-08- Working Barn Fire in Kempton w/ Exposures
 3-20-08-Structure Fire and Standby in Kutztown
 6/1/08-Working Fire In Hamburg
 6/16/08- Basement Fire In Albany Township
 6/16/08- Working Field Fire On Gruber Road
 6/16/08- MVA With Minor Injuries
 7-9-08- Commercial Building Fire in Perry Twp.
 7-11-08-Crash with Injuries on the Bypass
 7/24/08-Two Early Morning Fires
 8-19-08-Search and Rescue Mission
 9-2-08-Crash on Old 22
 10-3-08-Vehicle Accidents and a Much Needed Update
 11-4-08-Windsor Grille Assist
 11/12/08-Reading Smoke at Hamburg Structure Fire
 12-19-08-Old 22 Assist
 1-20-09- Officer Down
 1/25/09-Interstate Mass Casualty Incident
 1-27-09-TT Crash on 78
 2-17-09-Township Line MVA
 2/24/09-Recent Fires Keep Company Busy
 3/3/09-March Snowstorm Brings Calls
 3-25-09-Schwoyer Rd. Brush Fire
 3/25/09-1st Alarm Response to Hamburg
 4-27-09-Recent Photos
 5/12/09-Junior Night and Crash with Confinement
 6/2/09-Virginville assists at Exide
 6/2/09-FF Down Training
 6-2-09-Cover and Assist for 46
 6/30/09-Structure Fire In Maxatawny
 7/21/09 Windsor Twp. Mulch Fire With Extension
 7/27/09 MVA With Medevac Landing
 7/28/09-Engine 33 on the 44 Tree Box Alarm
 9/24/09-Precarious Position
 11/17/009 MVA With Fire
 11/24/09 MVA Interstate 78
 12/22/09-Windsor Barn Fire
 12/22/09-Mountain Rescue
 2/2/10-Cold Weather Keeps Tanker Busy
 2/2/10-Rope, Rope, More Rope
 2/25/10 Serious Fall
 2/25/10 Greenwich Township Structure Fire
 4/20/10 Vehicle Fire I-78
 5/1/10 School Bus Accident
 5/7/10-Several Busy Weeks
 5/21/10-Rescue 33 Goes to Work on 222
 5/12/10-Annual Banquet
 5/26/10-Horse Trailer Wreck on I78
 6/23/10-Agricultural Accident
 6/27/10-Company 33 Runs Two Calls Back to Back
 7/3/10-Field Fire
 07/07/10 Route 222 MVA
 7/9/10-Pumpkin Rescue??? In the Summer???
 7/11/10-33 Runs Two on the Interstate
 7/14/10-Rollover on the Interstate
 7/27/10- Company 33 Runs Many Calls Due To Storm
 8/25/10-Company 33 Runs Vehicle Accident on I-78
 9/11/10-Rescue 33 Runs Entrapment In Richmond Township
 9/7/10-Company 33 Runs MVA on Rt. 662
 9/2/10-Tanker 33 Responds to Working Fire in Maidencreek Township
 9/2/10-Company 33 Assists on Search
 8/29/10-Vehicle Accident in Windsor Township
 10/17/10-Busy Morning for Company 33
 10/10/10-Accident With Injuries on Onyx Cave Rd.
 10/13/10-Accident with Confinement on Rt. 222
 10/31/10-One On Its Roof
 10/28/10-Structure Fire on Maidencreek Rd.
 10/27/10-MVA on Rt. 662
 11/3/10-Vehicle Fire With Exposure
 11/11/10-Mountain Fire
 11/15/10-Fatal MVA on Rt. 222
 11/16/10-One Into a Tree on Rt. 662
 11/17/10-MVA With Heavy Entrapment
 11/21/10 MVA on Virginville Road
 11/23/10-Warehouse Fire
 12/11/10-Vehicle Into a Pole
 12/13/10-Fire at Taco Bell
 12/18/10-MVA With Multiple Entrapped
 12/24/10-Chimney Fire
 2/6/10-Icy Morning Creates Interstate Havoc
 01/30/11-Maidencreek Fire
 2/20/11-Vehicle Into House
 2/2/11-Ice Storm
 3/13/11-MVA on Dunkles Church Rd
 3/16/11-MVA on Rt. 662
 4/13/11-Fatal Tractor Trailer MVA
 4/17/11-Structure Fire In First Due
 4/27/11-MVA on I-78
 4/19/11-One Overturned on Rt.143
 4/28/11-Fatal MVA On Kutztown Rd.
 5/3/11-Three Vehicle MVA Rt.222 and Richmond Rd.
 05/24/11-Garage Fire in Ruscombmanor
 5/22/11-Vehicle Rollover in Greenwich Twp
 5/21/11-Company 33 Responds to Commercial Structure Fire
 6/20/11-Vehicle Into Wall On I-78
 6/12/11-Tractor Trailer Fuel Spill
 6/27/11-Vehicle Rollover on I-78
 6/17/11-Dwelling Fire in Greenwich Township
 7/28/11-Thirty Three Responds to Perry Twp Fire
 MVA With Confinement
 8/14/11-Rollover on Rt.662
 8/22/11-Smoke In The Bldg At KU
 8/22/11-Motorcycle MVA
 8/27/11-Odor of Something Burning at KU
 9/4/11-Hawk Mountain Rescue
 9/5/11-Odor of Something Burning at Rite Aid
 Two Rear End Collisions...STAY ALERT WHEN DRIVING!!!
 09/02/11-Shed Fire at Kirbyville Flea Market
 10/02/11-Fire in Perry Twp. Trailer Park
 09/20/11-Smoke In Residence in Tilden Township
 09/29/11-Rollover on Old Route 22
 10/23/11-Busy Day For Station 33
 10/27/11-Assist to 32 For Commercial Structure Fire
 10/27/11-Vehicle Into Tree on Church Hill Rd.
 10/28/11-Vehicle Rollover With Entrapment
 11/22/11-Fatal Two Alarm Fire In Tilden Township
 11/4/11-Early Morning Door Pop in Windsor Twp.
 11/12/11-Vehicle Vs. Motorcycle on Route 222
 11/11/11-Another Mountain Rescue
 12/10/11-Vehicle Into Building
 12/26/11-Vehicle Into Tree With Entrapment
 1/1/12-2011 Busiest Year in Company History
 1/4/12-Smoke In Basement of Residence
 1/10/12-Diesel Fuel Spill On The Interstate
 2/12/12-Vehicle Fire On The Interstate
 2/18/12-Structure Fire Assist To Kutztown
 2/23/12-Assist To Hamburg At High School
 2/24/12-Accident With Multiple Injuries
 3/1/12-Tractor Trailer MVA on Interstate
 4/21/12-Lenhartsville Garage Fire
 4/23/12-Structure Fire In First Due

 1-28-2007 New Brush in Service
 1-28-2007 New Tanker Arrives
 2-7-07 FEMA Grant Purchases Arrive
 2-14-2007 Tanker Lettered and Ready for Service
 3-4-07 BLS Class @ Station 33
 3-16-07-Training Announcement-PA 130 Class
 4-3-07- Members Attend Banquet
 PA 130 Class
 Station 45 Members Attend Training at Station 33
 6-1-07-Station 33 Welcomes New Friends
 6-4-07- Save the Cone, Don't Drop the Egg!!!
 6-13-07-Welcome to the Web Station 40
 7-3-07- Station 33 Members Attend Parade
 7-9-07- Vehicle Extrication Training with Fleetwood EMS
 8-17-07- Zone 2 Structural Burn Session
 9-5-07-Foam Training
 9-5-07-Company Upgrades with Vests
 9-30-07 The Honeymooners Return
 Basket Bingo!!!
 10-4-07- Firefighter Down Training
 10-31-07-Assist to Hamburg on Interstate Crash with Entrapment
 1/14/08-2008 Line Officers Appointed
 3-18-08-New Tools and Additional Training
 4-1-08-Thank You Middleburg and Oley Fire Companies
 4-3-08- Tuesday Night Car Fire Training
 4-16-08- Structural Burn Training
 5-9-08- Rope Rescue Refresher
 5-9-08-New Probationary Firefighter Program
 6/9/08-Congrats Graduates
 6/9/08-Crew Night
 6/9/08-Pump I Class Attended by Area Companies
 6/12/08-Vehicle Rescue Training
 10/15/08-Gettysburg Golf Tournament
 11/12/08-Joint Crew Night at Station 33
 11/12/08-First Aid and CPR
 11-25-08-New Senior Member
 12-2-08-New Rescue 33 Ordered
 12/31/08-Recent Photos
 1/6/09-Gameshow Night
 1-27-09-Rescue For Sale
 1-27-09-New Links
 3/4/09-Rescue 33 Update
 3/31/09-Basket Bingo
 4/7/09-New EMT
 4/7/09-First Annual Membership Appreciation Banquet
 5/19/09-Rescue Update
 6-23-09-Training With Fleetwood EMS
 6/30/09-Rescue 33 Update
 6/30/09-Pumping With Company 34 At Company 33
 7/21/09 Training At KU
 7/27/09 New Rescue 33 Has Arrived
 9/1/09-Company Picnic
 9/25/09 Station 33 Remodeling
 10/7/09-Same Golf Tournament, Different Result
 11/12/09-Recent Training
 5/11/10-Annual Fire Co Video
 5/26/10-Ladder 33 Update
 6/24/10-Congratulations Graduates
 6/12/10-Structural Burn Day
 7/17/10-Company 33 Members Finish Ropes and Rigging Class
 08/17/10-New Ladder 33 Update
 8/17/10-Tanker Shuttle Training
 8/23/10-Member Passes Nursing Boards
 8/23/10-Update on New Ladder 33
 9/13/10-Ladder 33 Update
 10/19/10-New Ladder 33 In Service
 10/19/10-New EMT
 10/26/10-New Firefighter II
 10/26/10-A Friend Checks In
 11/3/10-Two Members Become Senior Firefighters
 11/3/10-Ventilation Simulator Complete
 10/29/10-Four Vehicle Accident on the Interstate
 12/7/10-Company 33 Achieves QRS Certification
 1/12/11-New Fire Instructor
 3/26/11-3rd Annual Company Banquet
 4/27/11-Member Completes First Responder
 4/27/11-Members Complete Vehicle Rescue Technician
 6/14/11-Members Complete Special Vehicle Rescue
 7/12/11-Member Completes EMT Cert.
 2/11/12-Newest Member is Born!!!

 2-14-07 Richmond Townhsip Calendar Deliveries
 3-7-07 Basket Bingo!!!
 4-6-07- Generous Donation From Crystal Cave
 6-22-07-Our Sympathies to Our Brothers and Sisters in South Carolina
 Members attend 175th Anniversary Parade at Hamburg
 10-20-07- Fire Safety Day at Richmond Elementary
 5-9-08-Sympathies for Station 21
 5/12/09-Sympathies for Station 535 and 45
 10/7/09-Richmond Elementary Fire Prevention
 10/19/09-Shoemakersville 100th Anniversary Parade
 7/28/10-Company 33 Visits the Grange
 9/24/10- September is National Preparedness Month
 10/8/10-Station 33 Visits Richmond Elementary School
 10/10/10-Local Children's Group Visits Station 33
 12/1/10-CBS Features Vonteer Firefighters
 10/31/11-Fire Prevention Day at Richmond Elementary School

Community Fire Company of Virginville #33
P.O. Box 122
20 First Street
Virginville, PA 19564

Office Hours
Training Night: Tuesdays - 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of every month - 7 p.m.
Emergency Dial: 911
Fire, Rescue: 610.562.8389
Office: 610.562.8389
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