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Early Intervention is provided in Pennsylvania under the Office of Child Development and Early Learning and the Department of Public Education. The Office of Child Development and Early Learning funds Early Intervention from Birth to three years of age. The Department of Public Education funds Early Intervention services from 3 years to the age of beginners.


Children from birth to three years of age may receive services if:

  • The child has a significant delay in development
  • The child has a physical disability
  • The child has a condition which has a high probability for developmental delay

There are children who may not meet the eligibility criteria for early intervention services but who may have conditions considered to be "at risk" Infant Monitoring can be provided for children who:

  • Weigh under 3 ˝ pounds at birth
  • Have been cared for in a neonatal intensive care unit
  • Are born to a chemically dependent mother
  • Have been seriously abused or neglected
  • Have confirmed lead poisoning


Contact Service Access and Management and request an Early Intervention Intake for children under the age of three at 610-236-0530.


The Office of Child Development and Early Learning administers the Early Intervention Program for children from birth through age two through the County MH/MR Programs. Early Intervention Services can include, among other things, information on how children develop, early childhood education and intervention which can help a child with hearing, seeing, talking, moving or learning, ideas for how a family can help their child at home or in the community, and design plans to help a family enhance their child’s growing and learning.

Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP) - This document will be the guide for the services received by the child. It will describe the medical and support services as well as document the frequency of the service and the provider of the service. The IFSP is based on the child’s strengths and the family’s concerns and priorities.

Service Coordination - This service is provided to all children and their families who are eligible for Early Intervention Services. The service coordinator assists the family in developing the IFSP and in securing the services and support documented on the plan.

Physical Therapy - Therapy utilized to increase physical functioning.

Occupational Therapy - Therapy utilized to learn and increase daily living skills and independence.

Speech Therapy - Therapy utilized to increase the capacity to communicate. This may include adapting and using assistive devices.

Special Instruction - Includes working with the child to enhance development and providing families with information, skills and support related to enhancing skill development of the child.

Audiology - Assessment, habilitation, and adapting assistive devices to assist with hearing.

Family Training - Services to assist the family in understanding the special needs of the child and how to enhance the child’s development.

Nutrition - Assessment and recommendations to enhance nutritional needs of the child.

Vision - Evaluation and assessment of visual functioning. Intervention could include: Communication skills training, orientation and mobility training, and visual training.

Assistive Technology - Any device or modification that assists an infant/child to gain greater independence.

Psychological Services - Psychological and developmental assessments for the purpose of obtaining information about child behavior related to learning and development.

Infants, Toddlers, and Families Medicaid Waiver - A federally funded program that assists the family in financing the services for their child from birth to 3 years of age.


Office of Child Development and Early Learning

Service Access and Management, Inc.

Young Explorers:  Zero to Three




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